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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where do I ship my project for processing?

A) Ship to us at:

Commercial Hydrographics, Inc.

6760 Exchange Dr

Mansfield, OR 76063


Q) Can scopes be dipped?

A) Yes scopes can be hydrodipped, we do not warranty scopes from any damage as a result of processing. Tremendous effort is taken to seal and mask all critical areas and we have not lost one yet! A signed scope waiver needs to accompany your scope when shipping it to us.


Q) What materials can be hydrodipped?

A) Any material that can be painted typically can be hydrodipped. Materials sensitive to water exposure must be sealed prior to processing. Plastics, steels, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and fabrics can all be processed, porous surfaces can be processed at times.


Q) What prep is needed prior to shipping my parts in for processing?

A) You need to disassemble your parts and degrease. Additional charges will be assed for disassembly/reassembly and/or cleaning.


Q) How durable is hydrographics?

A) Properly applied hydrographics can provide years of service. Our matte and satin top coats are used, and have passed testing by top OEM’s like Kershaw Knives, Bowtech, Aero Precision and more. The high gloss top coats are the same ones used on cars and should be cared for in the same manner you would your car. Avoid using any products marked not safe for paint on any of our top coats.


Q) Do you have volume discounts?

A) Volume production is our specialty; we provide custom level quality at production level pricing. We do not normally charge for samples, please call or email today about your project and we will make every effort to take care of you.


Q) What is your turnaround time?

A) Lead times are determined at the time of order, our OEM contracts vary during the year so lead times may be as short as 4 weeks and have been as long as 12 weeks. 

A list of some of the finish sheen and special effect options we offer


Murdered – Zero sheen

Matte – Slight sheen

Satin – low sheen

Gloss – Full Gloss

Soft Touch – Rubbery finish coat can be applied textured or smooth

X-Grip – Adds sandpaper like texture for exceptional grip, offered in Murdered and Matte only.

UV reactive – base coats react to black lights*

Glow in the Dark – base coat or trim glows in the dark*

Temperature reactive – base coat changes color with temperature change *

* - Some Limitations Apply – Call for details

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