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Hydrographics, Portland, OR
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Commercial Hydrographics was established to merge our manufacturing experience with Water Transfer Printing and provide innovative ways to process volume and single run parts. We strive to provide the very best in hydrographics, industrial painting, and cosmetic finishing services. We thrive on challenging parts and applications; we like to start where others have stopped. Commercial Hydrographics understands your due dates are essential for your manufacturing scheduling and customer satisfaction; give us an opportunity to service your finishing needs! 
We are originated on the Eastside of Portland in Boring and relocated to Mansfield Texas in 2020. Please stop in or call to discuss your finishing needs, browse our inventory of films, feel and view our top coat and effect options.


Things to consider when selecting a shop to service your finishing needs as these factors that will have a direct impact on the life and durability of your finish:

  • Materials: The base coats, film, and clear coats that are used will have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the finishing process. Quality products from reputable manufactures have the full support of the factory and their tech teams to ensure the highest levels of performance from the products.


  • Prep: Proper prep is the keystone to a long lasting finish. Partnering with a shop that knows how to properly prep various surfaces and executes that prep work every time is critical to the life of your finish.


  • Tools: Professional results start with professional tools; it is difficult to produce a consistent result with tools that operate inconsistently. Look for shops that use and maintain quality tools


  • People: In the end it is the people who use the materials, tools, do the prep, and finish your parts. At CHG, continuous improvement is not an event for us; it is what we do every day. We want to continue to find ways to optimize processes and find ways to produce better parts faster. The people are the ones who give you their word on delivery dates and process your order to meet those dates. Find a shop that you can build a high level of trust in, many times they are the last or one of the last operations for your parts, you need them returned to you per specification, and on time, people make that happen!


Contact Us Today To See How We Can Customize Your Products And Set You Apart From The Rest!

6760 Exchange Dr

Mansfield, TX 76063

Call (503) 328-9422


Mon - Fri: 7am - 4pm

Project Consultation By Appointment

​​Saturday: By Appointment

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September 2020 has been a busy month relocating to Mansfield Texas!!

Please note our new address.

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