Part Prep


Murdered – Zero sheen

Matte – Slight sheen

Satin – low sheen

Gloss – Full Gloss

Soft Touch – Rubbery finish coat can be applied textured or smooth

X-Grip – Adds sandpaper like texture for exceptional grip, offered in Murdered and Matte only.

UV reactive – base coats react to black lights*

Glow in the Dark – base coat or trim glows in the dark*

Temperature reactive – base coat changes color with temperature change *

* - Some Limitations Apply – Call for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can any image be applied to my parts?
A) As a standard film, no, we have thousands of films to choose from that are a standard item. For a custom image we can have special film developed. Special film cost approximately 4 times as much as standard film and not all images are good candidates. Email us you image for a free quote. Keep in mind we are able to offer other customizing options for monograms and corporate logos.
Q) Do I have to disassemble my guns, bows, or other parts?
A) Yes, parts need to be dissembled and cleaned of any oils and grease. Additional fees may apply for disassembly/assembly and extra cleaning.
Q) How wet do my parts get, do they have to be waterproof?

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